SmileUp is an e-commerce company selling products for oral care. They wanted to represent high-value products with a good web presence.

Project: E-Commerce website

Client: SmileUp

Deliverable:Discovery & Benchmarking Report, Full Marketing Services, Website Design & Development

Scope:3 Month

Their Story:

Founded in 2019, The company is operating in several countries but we were focused on the Hungarian market. They are selling Teeth whitening products and products for oral care. Besides all the teeth whitening products on the market, SmileUp offered products based on fully natural ingredients that do not negatively affect teeth.

Their Goal:

The Company Wanted to enter a new market and needed a new and high-performance website with custom requirements to position their products. They wanted to increase the number of monthly purchases and decrease the cost per acquisition. Their main goal is to keep active ads running and having their reputation of page, ad account, and website in good condition which would bring them more sales.

Their Solution:

The solution for SmileUp was not easy since this market was really competitive and there are a lot of international brands that we needed to compete with. We started with a precise check and installation of the tracking codes. The redesign of the product pages and creating custom landing pages was a crucial element for improving site performance.

We recreated a lot of texts on the website since there were a lot of unverified claims that most of the cosmetic brands were using. These claims led them to low quality of the site texts and shutting their ads constantly. With more generic and precise texts we manage to improve their site quality and their Google Ads campaigns started running.

Their Facebook Ads however were very aggressive in terms of showing the part of the human body in very close distance shots. This is against the Facebook Policy since they are stating that showing such a close distance any part of the human body could be discriminatory for some people. For more information about this policy violation here

After we increased the ranking of their website, ad accounts on google and Facebook and Facebook page, we saw a significant decrease in the CPMs, and an increase in the conversion rate. With the upsell we implemented and strategy-oriented selling multiple products, not just want, increased their revenue 3 times after the first month

Their Success:

We have successfully designed and built a fully integrated and working website with all of their partners and fulfills with custom implemented Tracking codes. Our main strategy was to bring legitimation and validation of all the assets our client had. They had a great website, creatives and products but it needed adjustments according to how the digital ecosystem works. We have increased the ad quality and the Facebook and Google ad accounts rank which resulted in:

0 x
Return on Ad Spend Overall
0 %
Increase on the Conversion Rate
0 %
Increase in sales
0 %
Decrease on the Cost per Sale

Products Used:

Google Search Ads

Google Remarketing audiences

Google Dynamic Retargeting

Facebook Ads

Facebook Remarketing and Retargeting Campaigns

Facebook Custom audiences

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