Nimass is a rehabilitation center with a new innovative therapy - “Bowen Technique”. They were looking for a new user-friendly website with an integrated system for online bookings so that people can book their appointment online.

Project: Health related Website

Client: Nimass

Deliverable:Discovery & Benchmarking Report, Full UX Architecture, Design system, Website design & Development, CMS

Scope:2 Month

Their Goal:

The Company was just entering the market and wanted to create something new, innovative, user-friendly and useful for customers. They needed a well-optimized site that would have an easy option to book appointments online and useful information about the therapy so the customers know more about how their method works.

Work Process:

We have developed a Website with a custom design and online booking system to give the possibility to the customers to book their appointments at any given time of the day and see when the current slots are available. We went through these web-development phases:


Defining the client’s needs and get more information about the business


Research on the competitors and market niche


Helping with producing website content and texts


Building a structure of the website


Creating a Mock-Up to the client to have an idea of what the website will look like


Designing the website


Web Development.


Installing all tracking codes needed for Marketing platforms


Testing and bug fixing

Their Solution:

We have successfully designed and developed a fast and user-friendly website and integrated the website with an online booking system Setmore. They have reported after their digital activities that the cost per reservation was somewhere around 1 euro! The custom designed product pages that we did resulted in 6.7% Conversion rate.

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