17 ROAS on rehabilitation center with online bookings

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Their Story:

Nimass is a rehabilitation center with a new innovative therapy - “Bowen Technique”. They were looking for an integrated paid advertising service to receive new online bookings within their website. The company wanted to represent themselves to the audience with interests related to alternative medicine.

Their Goal:

Nimass wanted to receive as many online bookings as possible. Their main focus were new customers since they already have a good existing database and each NEW customer they are doing email marketing and post purchase activities. Their only focus was User Acquisition

Their Solution:

Multichannel Paid and Content Strategy and Multivariate Testing.
We have successfully designed and developed a fast and user-friendly website and integrated the website with an online booking system Setmore. They have reported after their digital activities that the cost per reservation was somewhere around 1 euro! The custom-designed product pages that we did result in a 6.7% Conversion rate.

Our main focus was using these channels:

We also helped Nimass with the content strategy since the goal of the Content strategy was to acquire all those bounced users from the paid ads and build trust around their service. On the content strategy we were showing a real people and their story of how the medical center actually helped them recover from their injury.

Their Success:

Within 2 weeks of actively running paid ads, they received so many reservations that they were fully booked for 3 weeks upfront. We had to stop the ads for a certain period of time. From that moment we work on periods of activity when they receive a downturn in their clients. We start running ads for a week or 2 and then we stop them for a while.

0 x
Return on Ad Spend
0 %
Increase on revenue
0 %
Increase on New Customers
0 %
Increase on a Conversion rate

Products Used:

Facebook Pixel Standard and Custom Events

Custom Designed Landing Page

Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion Campaigns

Google Search

Custom Audiences

Different Creative types - Video, Image, Carousel ads

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