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The reason why most of the companies are searching for a digital marketing service

Companies who have serious problems with bringing results.

A lot of companies are being burned by agencies, “gurus” or freelancers that are promising unrealistic results or they are In House marketing team is having difficulties with delivering successful campaigns.

Companies who have good results but want to go scale and grow even further

Have you heard that even the biggest companies in the World are changing their agencies? This is something normal because every agency has their own style and way of working and big companies know that if they want to grow they have to bring new ideas, products and concepts on the market. That's why changing your agency to search for new ideas and concepts is reasonable.

Companies who are just starting out and searching for a service (start-ups)

Every company has to start from somewhere right? For the start-up companies it is crucial to have professional digital marketing support because of the limited budget and lack of presence they have

Companies who are happy with the results and want to automate the process

A lot of companies are happy with their results but this cost them a lot of time and effort to keep going with all the changes and uncertainty. Hiring an agency could open more free time to focus on the important tasks of the company.

$4.5 trillion

There are over 140 million businesses that use Facebook and its associated properties every month.


Of all global retail sales are made online

BrainDonors will help you bring maximum ROI from your digital activities

Besides all the $30M which our team has spent profitably and all the experience we have gained through the years, we have a team of International certified experts that will take care of your marketing activities. The strong teamwork that we have and our deep analytical skills are the secrets of our ongoing success.

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Have you heard that in digital you can measure everything? We are keeping on track every single dollar that you spend and its return. We set up an advanced tracking system that we analyze, execute and optimize every single day. All of this with a combination of a good presentation and offer would skyrocket your performance.

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