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Why Do Most of the E-Commerce brands
Fail in advertising their store online?

They Hire an inexperienced agency

We’ve seen a lot of promises from agencies but it is all about real results. A lot of agencies just do not have the experience and the knowledge to successfully deliver profitability and growth. Most of them ask for long term contracts and conditions that are not so favourable for companies and business owners.

They cannot stick with the constantly changing platforms, trends and updates

This industry changes every day and if you are not deeply involved, you can lose a lot of money. New placements, platforms, specifications are being built every day. Things that work today, might not work tomorrow so you have to adapt as quickly as possible.

Their In-house team is not able to manage everything

Research, Strategy, Creatives, Campaign Set-up, Bidding optimization, CRO, there so many aspects that have to be managed at the same time in order to have a positive outcome. Missing one of them could break up the performance. Think as a whole ecosystem working together.

The E-Commerce brand owner/manager doesn’t know the potential of online advertising

The biggest benefit of online advertising is that you see Real Results in a short period of time and you can track any online activity (of course if you know how). A lot of business owners or marketing managers just do not know the potential of online advertising when using data and analysing user behaviour.

But using online advertising could
be so profitable if done the right way

0 %

of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their business.
Source: Hanapin Marketing, 2019

0 %

Of paid ads visitors are more likely to buy than organic visitors
Source:Unbounce, 2019

0 %

of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded video on social media.
Source: The Keenfolks, 2019

0 %

of the users say it is easier to find information they are searching for ???
Source: Clutch.io, 2018

Online advertising would always be the key driver for most E-Commerce businesses.
Do not limit the potential of your business.

Let us show you the power of online advertising

We are digital-first agency with very creative and data driven team members. We work side by side with our clients to identify their digital marketing vision so that we can help them reach their goals by making them stand out in this fast-moving online environment. Our mission is to make your digital campaigns more transparent, trustful and authentic so that your customers talk, search and shop more from you. ❤️

Certified Experts


Channels We Master for E-Commerce growth

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Tik Tok Ads &
Snapchat Ads

Building Custom Design
Landing Pages

Creating video ads &
Content creation

Why would you work with us?

We have our creative in-house studio

We will help you with creative execution and everything from the strategy, shooting and editing. Our team will handle all the process

We give you full transparency of your Ad Spent

We have a system and processes that give you full transparency of what is happening with your budgets and how much ROI we bring to your business.

We Track everything with advanced tracking set-up

As a Facebook technical Marketing partner we want to make sure we spend your money effectively. It is part of our optimization process.

We are real experts. They say!

You all know the self-made gurus with fake promises. Our experts are recognized and trusted by worldwide organizations and serious companies.

How Working with us looks like:

We analyse your Business and niche, competitors and market potential

We create a tailored made proposal based on your goals and company vision

We start with preparing everything for launch such as Web design, creatives, copywriting  account access and media preparation

The biggest moment – Campaign launch

Post campaign monitoring & optimization and moving to the step 3 again.

We will sign NDA to keep your business sensitive data safe. Also we will provide you with full Transparency for your Ad Spend. That’s why we have developed a process which keeps our clients informed 24/7 about how effectively their budgets are managed.

What Our clients say for us:


Increase on
New Customers


Increase on


Return on Ad
Spend Overall


Increase on

All-Star team ready for every challenge

Andrey Petrov
Marketing Team Leader
Miroslav Ivanov
Web Team Leader
Tsvetelina Galyarska
Content Management Specialist
Gabriela Todorova
Web Designer
Nikola Margaritov
Senior Facebook Ads Specialist
Gergana Ilieva
Performance Marketing Specialist
Stefan Velikov
Web Developer
Silvia Georgieva
Web Designer
Emilya Georgieva
Web Designer
Valkan Georgiev
Video Editor

Frequently asked questions

We sign a strict NDA to make sure all of our clients are safe and no information will leave our conversation

We do a lot of analyses of your business and whether our services can help. Usually it takes 1-2 days to determine whether we are a good fit. However, our core client industry sectors are E-commerce, Real Estate and SAAS and Startups

Every business is specific so we give you pricing based on the complexity and scope of work. Leave us a note and we will send you price estimations. 

We use Notion as our main CRM system where our project manager communicate with our clients. You, as a client will see anything at anytime as we provide full transparency of our work.

Before our cooperation we set up clear tracking & measurement system. We are Facebook technical partner so trust us we are very good at this. Also this provides our clients with transparency and trust in our work

We have 3 different kind of reports, based on your needs.
1. Monthly reports
2. Every 2 weeks
3. 24/7 live dashboard. 
On each report there would be all the important metrics and results which are important for you and your business. All of them would be correlated with ad budgets and effectiveness of our work

Yes, both of our offices are in Europe but we have clients all over the world and we operate on almost all countries

Usually our clients get results within 3-6 months period

Let's talk
about your digital success

Get your digital marketing plan, tailored made for your business. Share your story, vision and goals and let us do the rest.

Andrey Petrov

Marketing Team Leader