Maybe you are curious how we are doing everything or what is special in our agency. The truth is we have a lot of experience and proven processes that we have tested and work. Scroll down to learn more

Step 1. Business, target adudience and niche analyses

Every business is unique and has a target audience. We need to understand who your customers are, where they are and why they buy from you. Different audience segments use different channels and we need to understand more about your customers. Also we analyse your niche and social media presence because there we see how much potential is on the market.

Analysing your business

model, niche and structure

Analysing website, performance, branding

& and tracking infrastructure

Analysing your Social & Google

presence and potentials

Step 2. Tailored made proposal

Proposal is part of our sales process where we present what solution we will provide for your business. Keep in mind that every proposal that we make is made for the business. The same solution wont work for everyone, thats why we analyse so much.

Step 3. Web design and
media preparation

Successful campaigns are made when everything is on point. This includes all the channels which we are going to use, your website, tracking infrastructure and the creatives. Each piece of the puzzle has its role and we make sure you have all pieces which will bring you better results

Website optimisation, brand fixes

and tracking correction

Media planning strategy based on

your budget and goals

Content creation for media buying

based on your ad budget

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Step 4. Campaign launch

This is the moment after our onboarding where we launch everything that we made and hit the market. This moment is less than a day but is worth to be mentined

Step 5. Post campaign monitoring & optimization

This is the most important process because whatever market response you have had, optimisation process is the key for successful business. When you learn how to read the data and the market is telling you it is very crucial to give the market what the want in the way they want it at the time they want it. This will make your customers happy and your business very very successful

Analysing your business

model, niche and structure

What's next

Let's talk
about your digital success

Get your digital marketing plan, tailored made for your business. Share your story, vision and goals and let us do the rest.

Andrey Petrov

Marketing Team Leader